Are you between 18 and 25 years old?
Did you live in a foster home? Are you going to leave a foster home and have no support when you leave?
Do you benefit or have you benefited from a special protection measures (placement center, maternity care, foster family)?
Are you in a difficult situation and face social marginalization (without family support, without shelter, without income or other situation of vulnerability)?

We can support you with:

We rented 2 houses in Sibiu, one for girls and the other for boys each house living a maximum of 8 young people, 2 sharing a room.
You have the opportunity to live in one of the houses for 2 years and you will also benefit from the following:

    • professional counseling in order to get and keep a job
    • financial counseling in order to manage your income and manage to save
    • individual and group psychological counseling in order to build your self-confidence and to develop yourself personally
    • activities for the development of independent living skills, such as: CV preparation, cooking, hygiene, shopping, etc.
    • recreation, socialization and active life activities: sports, outings in the city (cafes, movies, theater), trips
    • facilitating access to medical services
    • support for re-enrollment in school, continuation of school courses but also professional qualification courses
    • budget for: food, clothing, footwear, transportation, personal hygiene products, socializing, employment, etc.
    • emotional support and accompaniment where needed;
    • mediation and support in going through difficult situations

How can we help you?

If you are interested and want to get to know us better, we invite you to contact us